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We have the Greeks to thank for introducing wine into Italy and France. And while the legacy of ancient Greek culture lives on, little recognition is given to its modern-day contributions to the wine industry. From the Peloponnese in the south, to Macedonia and Epirus in the north, and islands like Crete and Santorini, fine wine is once again being made and most of it from indigenous grape varieties not grown in other countries. Styles range from hearty, rustic reds to crisp, neutral whites and heavenly dessert wines.

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Greek Wine Cellars D. Kourtakis S.A. Domaine Hatzimichalis Lantides Tselepos
Tetra Mythos Wines Fragou Papagiannakos Papaioannou Wines
N.V. Geromilos Farms Cambas Winery My Big Fat Greek Wine  
Gavalas Wines Calliga (Cephalonia) Robola Wine Cooperative (Cephalonia) Avantis Wines
Hatziyiannis (Santorini) Greek Wine Cellars (Santorini) Creta Olympias Winery (Crete)  
Constantine Lazaridi Estates Nico Lazaridi Wines Nama Byzantina Malamatina Wines
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